Tattoo cover-ups in Dorset

Does an old tattoo fill you with regret?

Don’t worry! The team at Area 55 Tattoo Studio offers a complete tattoo cover-up service.

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Hassle-free cover-up service

Unfortunately, people get tattoos they later regret for many reasons; the thought behind the tattoo may have changed or it may have been the result of a bad decision made with friends in your youth! If you’re suffering from feelings of regret caused by your ink, then contact us.

More and more people are opting for cover-ups as opposed to tattoo removal due to the highly expensive process which often leaves scars. Tattoo cover-ups give you the freedom to choose a new design and turn something you hate into something you love. The way we approach the cover-up depends on the existing tattoo size and design. This usually means that the new piece tends to be larger than the original tattoo. A full consultation and explanation will be given prior to any work carried out.

Turn something horrid into something wonderful with Area 55 Tattoo Studio

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