Area 55 Tattoo Studio, Blandford, UK


038As a couple we both trained at Rude Studios in Leeds to be professional body piercers. Unfortunately this is a part time venture for us as we both have day jobs. (though hopefully that will change in the future, who knows?).

We have been piercing at Area 55 since June 2014 and have pierced a variety of people in quite a variety of places. We do quite a range of piercings, dermal anchors and ahem… genital-based piercings as well as hold a range of jewellery.

Our initial piercing jewellery is all body compatible titanium and is pouched and sterilised to health and safety regulations.

We are also health authority registered and fully insured.

We offer a walk-in service, no appointments are necessary. Pop on in every Tuesday and Saturday from 11am-5pm.